Suite for Piano, Intermediate Level

Author(s): Jean Kleeb
ISBN: 9783990694572
Order no.: 399069457
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A Broad Spectrum of Expression

This short but sweet collection contains 6 diverse character pieces. The expressive variations range from dance numbers in moderate waltz or whimsical 11/8 beats, to an improvised emotional meditation, and to a lighthearted, cheerful piano piece.
The rhythmic patterns hint repeatedly at the Latin American “hip swing” characteristic of the German-Brazilian composer Jean Kleeb. The individual tensions enhance the colors of the tonal movements with their often catchy melodies.
Students in their third and fourth years of instruction, as well as amateur pianists, will discover a satisfying selection of pieces. Practicing the easy to moderately difficult pieces is easily manageable—thanks to the consistently notated fingerings, pedaling suggestions, tempo and character details. The bilingual preface offers helpful background information.

Helbling Media App

Pianorhina in the HELBLING Media App

With the free HELBLING Media App you will have access to professionally produced complete recordings of all 6 pieces. These not only help to motivate the learner, but also serve to check practice results. On the inside of the front cover there is a short text with instructions and an access code for the audio content.


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