Ngoma ya Afrika

African Dance Suite for Piano – Medium Level

Author(s): Pieter Bezuidenhout
ISBN: 9783990697047
Order no.: 399069704
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A delightful “Crossover”

This four-movement suite is based upon a selection of traditional ritual dances from various parts of Africa. The South African composer Pieter Bezuidenhout has freely associated and merged these authentic sources to develop a uniquely pleasant and measured modern tonal language. A delightful “Crossover” has emerged, which alternates between rousing, intoxicating rhythms, powerful archaic sounds, and dreamy phantasies. In the comprehensive Preface the ethnological roots of the four dances are explained in detail, and connections between these sources and the piano compositions are delineated.

Competent students, experienced amateur pianists, professionals, those who are just curious, and fans of African music generally will encounter an engaging new assortment of musical creations. The moderately difficult pieces frequently make use of irregular time signatures (5/4, 5/8) and intriguing tempo changes. The helpful fingering and pedaling suggestions, along with tips about tempo and character, are welcome additions.

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Ngoma ya Afrika in the HELBLING Media App

With the free HELBLING Media App the user has access to professional recordings of all four suite movements. On the front inside cover there is a short set of instructions and an access code for the audio content.


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