Choireography for Canons
Book incl. e-book+ (online-version)
and Media App

18 canons by six various composers from easy to advanced, instruction videos, tutorial videos for the singers and full performance videos

Author(s): Panda van Proosdij, Tom Johnson
ISBN: 9783990698099
Order no.: 399069809
Release date: Januar 2022 (Preis noch vorläufig)
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An organic way to experience the joy of musical embodied learning

Choireography for Canons – 18 brand new canons choireographed in order to make music and movement go hand in hand. 18 pieces of art written by 6 young composers from all over the world in different levels, styles and languages with accompaniment or a cappella.

This book is part of an Ebook +, an online learning environment + app, which contains digital tools like instructions, 3-step video’s, scores and extra features. The theme of this Ebook + is Mother Earth & Father Time based on a poem written by Panda van Proosdij. It points out that humanity is part of a greater whole which takes care of us, feeds and supports us if only we love and nurture our beautiful planet in return.

Panda van Proosdij invented the word ‘Choireography’, which means movement created for (choir) singers. She develops motion which enhances the quality of sound and increases the ease of singing. The supportive movements Panda creates also contribute to flow, dynamics, phrasing and pitch and leads to a homogene choir sound.

Tom Johnson is a conductor and violinist and has worked with Panda and her method ‘From Voice & Physique to Choireography’ for quite some years now. He has experienced the work as a singer and conductor and believes strongly in this way of involving the whole body in singing and approaching music from the embodied learning point of view.

Tom and Panda will guide you through this joyful journey of musical embodied learning. What the body learns, the body never forgets.


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