Baroque Christmas Concertos for Choir (SATB )
10 popular pastorale movements arranged
for SATB a cappella (organ ad lib)

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Music: Diverse Komponisten
Michael Aschauer (Arr.)
Lyrics: Diverse Autoren
ISBN: 9783850619844
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With his celebrated Pastorale from his “Christmas Concerto”, Arcangelo Corelli triggered a veritable boom in the Italy of the Baroque Era, which soon spread to other countries. In sensitive, easily singable arrangements, this present collection makes the most popular pastoral movements – those by Corelli, Manfredini, Locatelli among others, furthermore, the shepherd’s music from Handel’s Messiah and the Sinfonia from J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio – accessible to choirs. The underlain lyrics, which are subtly based on the music (all with a singable English translation), have been taken from Christmas poems by Baroque poets. Thus, touching new Christmas songs for choir have been composed in which solemnity and gentle pastoral melody are consummately unified. The organ accompaniment (ad lib), which has been mostly orientated on the choral setting (colla parte), provides support for the vocal parts and lends the choral arrangements an added celebratory splendour. A great enrichment for Christmas choral concerts and festive occasions!

1. Nacht, mehr denn lichte Nacht / Night, More Than Radiant Night (A. Corelli / A. Gryphius)
2. Gebet zu dem ersehnten Heiland / Prayer to the Longed-for Saviour (G. Valentini / E.Ch. Homburg)
3. Du höchstes Kind / Exalted Child (F. Manfredini / A. Gryphius)
4. Heut‘ hat sich Gott zu uns gekehrt / Today Our God has Come to Us (F. Geminiani / S. Dach)
5. Sei willkommen, allerliebstes Kind / Be Thou Welcome, Most Beloved Child (G. Sammartini / S. H. Zäunemann)
6. Christus in der Krippe / Christ in the Manger (P. Antonio Locatelli / F.R.L. Freiherr von Canitz)
7. Liebster Jesu, sei willkommen / Welcome Art Thou, Dearest Jesus (G.M. Schiassi / S.v. Birken)
8. O hochgebenedeite Nacht / Oh Three Times Blessed, Holy Night (V. Rathgeber / J. Klaj [Clajus d.J.])
9. Sehet das Wunder / See and Wonder (J.S. Bach / C.R.v. Greiffenberg)
10. Glückliche Hirten / Ye Happy Shepherds (G.F. Händel / C.R.v. Greiffenberg)

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