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Modern Rhythm & Reading Script

Rhythm Training, Grooves, Percussion Arrangements

Author(s): Erich Bachträgl
ISBN: 9783850611879
Order no.: S4050

Language(s): German/English

176 pages, A4, incl. audio CD

€ 31.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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This book for teachers and learners contains simple percussion exercises that are immediate fun, rhythms to sing and to tap, jazz and pop phrasings, practical reading texts on rhythm, polyrhythm, polymetrics, and complete Latin rhythms laid out in score, and a host of percussion ensembles of varying levels of difficulty. Substantial improvements and expansions contained in the fourth revised edition include, for example, “vocussion ensembles” in jazz, funk, Afro, and Latin style, “body percussion ensembles” and “exercises,” and rhythms and arrangements for “hand-percussion ensembles.” Most of the exercises can be heard as audio clips on the included CD. The informal presentation of the material makes this script outstandingly suitable for private study.

An indispensable companion for drummers, instrumentalists and singers, both amateur and professional!

Main Contents

  • Jazz and pop phrasing
  • Rock, pop, Latin, funk, ethno, and jazz grooves
  • Polymetrics and polyrhythmics
  • Percussion instruments and arrangements
  • Vocussion and bodycussion

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