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Act & Sing 2

3 Mini-Musicals for Young Learners

Author(s): Günter Gerngross, Anette Claus, Uli Führe
ISBN: 9783850613934
Order no.: S5928
€ 31.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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Act & Sing 2 offers you 3 amusing playlets in simple English which are quick to produce without great effort. Each piece lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, making them ideal for performances both in class and at parents’ evenings or special school occasions.

Working on the mini musicals enables pupils to learn using all of their senses. The work supports

  • social learning, making use of all the senses and promoting teamwork and creativity;
  • early foreign language teaching, by providing playful, graphic, and active access to the language;
  • music teaching by allowing pupils to experience the relationship between music and language, and through the opportunities for performing that it provides.

All of the songs are always sung by the class, so no solo voices are needed. The accompanying voices and instrumental pieces provided can be added as desired. As aids to orientation and learning, the accompanying CD contains complete performances of all the musicals, spoken and sung by native speakers. In addition, the CD contains playback versions of all the pieces so that they can be performed without instruments.


  • Halloween: The children dress up as ghosts and go from door to door. Later, when they go to bed, they suddenly hear frightening noises through the window; the door opens, and two “real” ghosts appear ...
  • Where’s Your Ticket, Father Christmas?: What can Father Christmas do when his reindeer bolt? He gets on a train—but with no ticket and no money, that can have surprising results!
  • Clever Easter Rabbits: What a cheek! The foxes have stolen the Easter eggs. But the Easter bunnies know a trick to get them back and the Easter egg hunt is saved.

For each of the pieces, the imaginatively illustrated four-color booklet provides you with

  • an overview of the contents, roles, materials required, etc.;
  • specific suggestions for rehearsals;
  • the entire text together with directions for individual scenes;
  • photocopiable pages containing the text and music;
  • photocopiable pages for “picture dictionaries”;
  • photocopiable pages containing masks, etc.

Act & Sing

Act & Sing 2

Act & Sing 1


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