Geisterszenen (Ghostly Scenes) for Piano (First Edition)

Anselm Hüttenbrenner (1794–1868)
Critical First Edition, ed. by Michael Aschauer

Author(s): Hüttenbrenner, Anselm; Aschauer, Michael (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 9783990351802
Order no.: W7452
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The Romantic era was marked by a great penchant for the transcendental, the supernatural, the mysterious, indeed, the “ghostly”. All these facets are merged in an exemplary manner in the Geisterszenen (Ghostly Scenes) or Geistererscheinungen (Visions from the Spirit World) composed in 1850 by Anselm Hüttenbrenner, a friend and fellow student of Franz Schubert and a respected pianist himself. These mostly highly virtuoso, fantasy-like Tongemälde (Musical Tableaux) cycle is not only Hüttenbrenner’s most original piano work, but also an outstanding example of cyclical romantic piano music. Thus far only preserved in manuscript, the present first edition of this fascinating piano cycle meets all scientific and music performance practice demands. It provides a clear musical text with special consideration of the appropriate turning points, along with a comprehensive preface and detailed critical remarks, both in German and English.

The audio samples are part of the CD first recording by Julia Rinderle (Helbling, W7453CD).

Inhalt – Probeseiten und Hörbeispiele
Title Demo
  Scene 1
  Scene 2
  Scene 3
  Scene 4
  Scene 5
  Scene 6
  Scene 7
  Scene 8
  Scene 9
  Scene 10
  Scene 11
  Scene 12
  Scene 13
  Scene 14
  Scene 15
  Scene 16
  Scene 17
  Scene 18
  Scene 19
  Scene 20
  Scene 21
  Scene 22