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Seven Musical Florets for aspiring Pianoforte Players

Anselm Hüttenbrenner (1794–1868)
Critical First Edition , edited by Michael Aschauer

Author(s): Hüttenbrenner, Anselm; Aschauer, Michael (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 9783990691540
Order no.: W8852
Release date: Dezember 2020
€ 14.00 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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Anselm Hüttenbrenner, a friend and fellow student of Franz Schubert and a respected pianist himself, left an impressive oeuvre of piano music. Picking up initially on the style of Viennese Classicism and of Schubert, he developed an independent musical language of extraordinary quality and of great diversity of style, which is characterized especially by expressive harmonic progressions.

The Sieben Tonblümchen (Seven Musical Florets) are a reflection of Hüttenbrenner’s experience as a piano teacher. He has packed the training of expressive legato playing together with note repetitions, parallel chords, scales, trill figures and arpeggios into exceptionally entertaining and melodically captivating short piano pieces that are characterised by a variety of moods. Ranging from easy to moderately difficult, these seven miniatures are ideally suited for piano lessons and musical evenings.

The present new edition takes its lead from the 1830s first edition and provides a clear layout of the notation, an informative preface and a Critical Commentary in both German and English.

The audio samples are generated from the music notation program. Recordings will follow.

Probeseiten und Hörbeispiele
Title Demo
  I. Allegretto
  II. Andantino
  III. Allegro molto
  IV. Vivace
  V. Allegro
  VI. Tempo giusto
  VII. Allegretto