Character Pieces for the piano (First Edition)

Anselm Hüttenbrenner (1794–1868)
Critical First Edition , edited by Michael Aschauer

Author(s): Hüttenbrenner, Anselm; Aschauer, Michael (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 9783990691564
Order no.: W8854
Release date: Dezember 2021
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Anselm Hüttenbrenner, a friend and fellow student of Franz Schubert and a respected pianist himself, left an impressive oeuvre of piano music. Picking up initially on the style of Viennese Classicism and of Schubert, he developed an independent musical language of extraordinary quality and of great diversity of style.

These harmonically and melodically nuanced character sketches from every period of Hüttenbrenner’s creative activity grant us deep insights into the soul of the composer. Here, carefree and light-hearted piano pieces have their place alongside musical works of lamentation and consolation. The stations of Hüttenbrenner’s life are palpably revealed, among them the deeply personal, for example in the laments for Beethoven and Schubert, or in the two elegies in remembrance of the battles of Solferino and Magenta in which two of his sons were involved, one of them being badly wounded. Musically highly sensitive, yet at the same time, for the most part, technically not too demanding, many of these pieces are also very well suited for tuition, evening recitals or for piano playing in the home.

This present first edition fulfils all the requirements of musicology and musical practice. It provides a clearly laid out notation, together with a comprehensive preface and a detailed critical report in both English and German.

Präludium / Prelude ∎ Ouvertüre / Overture ∎ Nachruf an Beethoven in Akkorden am Pianoforte / Obituary for Beethoven in chords at the pianoforte ∎ 7 Tonblümchen / 7 Musical Florets ∎ Marche funebre / Funeral March ∎ Nachruf an Schubert in Trauertönen am Pianoforte / Obituary for Schubert in notes of sorrow at the pianoforte ∎ Trauergefühle (bei dem zu frühen Hinscheiden Ihrer Durchlaucht der Fürstin Antonia Metternich) / Feelings of Sorrow (at the too early passing of Her Serene Highness the Princess Antonia Metternich) ∎ Rondo pastorale ∎ Divertissement ∎ Deux Caprices / Two Caprices ∎ Quatre Rhapsodies / Four Rhapsodies ∎ Rhapsodie (Was ich für Sie fühle) / Rhapsody (What I feel for Her/You) ∎ Empfindung an der St. Josephs-Quelle (Rondo) / Feelings at St. Joseph’s Fountain (Rondo) ∎ Souvenir L’allégresse / Jubilation (Impromptu) ∎ Erinnerung an Wildon (Rhapsodie) / Reminiscene of Wildon (Rhapsody) ∎ Caprice ∎ Impromptu ∎ Frohsinn (Rondo) / Cheerfulness (Rondo) ∎ Wohl und Weh / Weal and Woe ∎ Trauermarsch (dem Andenken des Generals Havelock geweiht) / Funeral March (in memoriam General Havelock) ∎ Trauermarsch (dem Andenken der Herzogin Helene von Orleans gewidmet) / Funeral March (dedicated in memoriam Duchess Helene of Orleans) ∎ Abschied von Marburg / Farewell to Marburg ∎ Elegie (dem Andenken der am 4. Juni 1859 in der Schlacht von Magenta gefallenen heldenmütigen österreichischen Kriegern gewidmet) / Elegy (dedicated to the memory of the heroic Austrian soldiers who fell at the Battle of Magenta on 4 June 1859) ∎ Elegie (dem Andenken der am 24. Juni 1859 in der Schlacht bei Solferino gefallenen Kriegern gewidmet) / Elegy (dedicated to the memory of the fallen soldiers at the Battle of Solferino on 24 June 1859) ∎ Anhang 1: Klage um die Geliebte / Appendix 1: Lament on the Beloved ∎ Anhang 2: Kadenz zu Mozarts Klavierkonzert Nr. 25 in C-Dur, KV 503 / Appendix 2: Cadenza for Mozart’s piano concerto No. 25 in C Major, KV 503